Usability Evaluation for Software

By teknet on Monday 19th March 2018, 1:44pm

Usability For Software

Usability evaluation allows us to determine how well a software meets the intentions and expectations of those who are using it. As a company we create bespoke software, and we pride ourselves on making the best decisions throughout design and development to heighten the user’s experience.

What is Usability?

Usability is how effectively software has been designed, and the relationship between the software and its users. Effective software should enable users to achieve their goals, complete their goals quickly, be easy to use and satisfy the user. Highly usable and effective software is a controlled facet of user experience and it will help put your company ahead of the competition. Describing good usability includes words such as: simple, clear, smooth and intuitive.

Usability Evaluation

Usability evaluation provides a deeper insight into the target market and allows us to develop and optimise the software to achieve the best results for usability. Usability evaluation benefits the end user tremendously, it ensures better quality software, the software is easier to use, the software is more likely to be embraced and accepted by the end user and the time required to train new users is noticeably lower.

Usability evaluation enables us to ultimately remove flaws and difficulties from the software. Therefore, we provide you with the best software possible, to meet all of the needs required.

Teknet Usability

At Teknet we promise to produce software which will satisfy and impress your users. It is our first-class usability and user satisfaction which has led to the growth of Teknet. Well-designed and developed software will lead to increased popularity, conversions and transactions. Teknet focuses on user-centred design, we test early and we test often.

If it’s bespoke software that you want, Teknet Software have a variety of services to help! For a full list, check out our Services page!

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