Mobile Apps

By teknet on Monday 5th February 2018, 9:23am

Mobile Apps

The popularity of mobile apps has transformed the mobile market since the introduction of apps in 2008. With web developers turning into app developers, technology has changed dramatically in these years. Businesses and entrepreneurs have experienced colossal success and growth as a result of the technological trend.

The Market
The market includes billions of smartphone users who use mobile applications every single day. And the industry is growing exponentially. The App Stores of Apple, Android and Google Play lead the app store market as the biggest and most enterprising in terms of technology. Therefore the mobile app market stands as a very attractive proposition for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Facts and Figures
Here’s an overview in figures of the app market:

The speed of innovative app technology and the low barriers to entry make the app market incredibly attractive.

Mobile Phone

Things to Consider

  1. Becoming a top app is hard. Maintaining a top position is considerably harder. People are uninstalling apps all the time. You need to acquire and then RETAIN users.
  2. ASO –App Store Optimisation (Allows you to boost visibility with organic traffic).
  3. Apps need to be made to suit each platform (i.e Android, Apple, Windows etc). It is better to be a master of one. If you haven’t got the budget to accomplish several platforms, choose ONE, and do it incredibly well.

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