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By teknet on Wednesday 28th March 2018, 10:47am

So, your new mobile app has been designed and developed? Now it’s time to take the app to market…When any new product, service, website or app is introduced, it’s fundamentally important to use mobile app analytics to see how well the feature in question is performing.

You should be preparing to create a huge buzz around your mobile app; spreading the word with friends and family, sharing a press release, releasing an email marketing campaign, promoting it on social media and perhaps using some more traditional methods of marketing such as radio, leaflets and letters.

Once your app is uploaded to the app store and all of your marketing activities are underway, it’s important to start tracking the success of your app. Mobile app analytics will enable you to understand how well your app is doing and in what ways it can be improved to attract or retain customers.

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There are three types of mobile app analytics:

App Performance Analytics – Does the app work well or not?

In-App Analytics – How do users behave within the app?

App Marketing Analytics

Mobile App Analytics Platforms

App Performance Analytics

New Relic

In-App Analytics

Google Analytics
Apple Analytics

App Marketing Analytics

App Annie


Poor app performance will determine the ratings your app receives, poor ratings will result in your app revenue dropping significantly. Ultimately, the performance of your app will determine its success or failure, 47% of consumers expect apps to load in two seconds or less and 20% expect mobile apps to load instantly. In-app analytics allow you to analyse who your users are, how they are using the app and how they are behaving within the app. App marketing analytics allows you to assess ways to improve your ROI and will help you decide how it is best to retain customers.

Here at Teknet, we walk the journey of mobile apps with you. From the outset, we are there to help design and develop your mobile app. Once the app is created we are always on hand to assist you with marketing the app, and on using mobile app analytics to ensure your mobile app becomes a huge success and also remains successful. Marketing and mobile app analytics are not a compulsory part of the packages iOS and Android packages we offer here at Teknet, but they are an additional option – should you desire.

If you want to know more about our App Development services, have a look at our Android App Development and iOS App Development pages!

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