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We were approached by the training Director of the NHS South East who was in charge of over 9900 staff who needed to attend at least 3 compulsory update skills courses per year.

The administration of just booking the staff on to courses was a headache by itself but also trying to gain good feedback about the courses, the delivery and venues was close to impossible and came with other inherent issues.

They needed a solution that would allow the staff to be able to see and book on to courses they needed to attend and then easily give feedback on that course for management to assess effectiveness.

Following a number of meetings and web conference calls with key members of the team we developed a core set of requirements for the system. From there we managed to develop a system wire frame covering everything we thought the system required.

From our discussions we felt that the system needed a cloud based control system but it would be best to have iOS and Android App’s for the user interface for ease of access and use.

We also felt that if one NHS Trust was having this issue then it may well be an issue in other Trust’s around the country so we decided to build the web based control panel solution in the Laravel framework in the style of a SAAS solution so that we could deliver it as many times as required with no additional programming. Also should we decide to add any additional features to the system they would be delivered to all users at the same time.

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The software needed to enable thousands of NHS workers to easily submit feedback on courses that they had attended, using an app which they could download to their smartphone.
We developed both an Android and an iOS (iPhone) app for the client, to ensure that the app would be widely adoptable by the workers.

We also crafted a web app, which allows managers to input courses and their associated data – such as venues, trainers etc – and invite workers to these courses. Workers then receive a notification, via the mobile app, that a course is available. They can then register for the course at their chosen venue and date.

When the course is underway, workers receive another notification asking them to leave feedback for the course. Feedback is given in the form of star ratings to questions on particular aspects of the course. These questions can be tailored to the individual course via the web app. The responses from the workers are aggregated, giving valuable insight into a number of aspects of the course, and allowing managers to drill down into the performance of individual trainers and venues.

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I am very happy with the software and App’s delivered by Teknet. They listened to all the problems that we were experiencing and came up with an innovative solution for us. I am now looking forward to rolling out the software and becoming more efficient.

Amir Khaki

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